Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bento! Bento!

Nothing special in this post (always no special lah, cakap kosong banyak!!! ==). I just want to standardise 9 posts per month and this is my last post in this month because…… exam~final exam~final exam…..haiz…….

Yesterday, we went to eat Japanese Food again!!! Not Sushi King this time, but Wagamama in 1Borneo. Because yesterday was the Wagamama’s last day 50% discount promotion. I highly recommend Wagamama’s Bento Set. First, large portion (sure kenyang sampai muntah), second, delicious (mmmmm~yummy!), and third, it was quite worth to eat after 50% off. But, there were only 3 types of bento set and sushi on-belt got 50% off.

Luxury Seafood Bento Set which ordered by PL’s friends

RM 68.80 - RM 34.40 . See! The bento was huge enough, right?? Almost can’t fit in my camera’s screen, it's enough shared by 3 peoples.

PL and me share-share Ginger Seafood Bento Set

RM22.80 – RM 11.40. I love the combination of ginger sauces flavour with the fish fillet and also consists 4 biji big and juicy oysters!!!
I don’t want to describe more about the food (Two words- Worth and Delicious^^), because I’m quite excited to show the new “cloth” of my laptop now. (syok sendiri ;p)

I had my nice flamingo pink laptop skin,
but after using for 2 and a half years = full of dusts + scratches + black spots…....

I also don’t know why I was so “wuliao”-ing (nothing to do) that time to take pic for mine and my youngest brother’s same Dell brand laptop…….

my newly bought pinky moo-moo cow laptop skin^^
(or pinky military camouflage pattern ???)


Last but not least, I have to stop blogging for temporary because my horrible and annoying final exam is coming soon!!!!!!!! Sayonara~ I’LL BE BACK!!!!!!!!! (catchphrase of Arnold Schwarzenegger from The Terminator,haha!)


嘉CacinG進 said...

oooo!!! such a huge portion the meal u having!!! ><

hahaha~~tat laptop skin suit lady the most!

gambateh for ur final exam!!

Candlelyn said...

nolar~, i only ate half of bento,haha..anyway, thanks for ur wish.=)

贺仔 said...

9 posts per month...such a high target...y?...haha

Candlelyn said...

coz i want keep active in this blog mah, so set a target 9 posts per month lor...and also want to make it consistent,i'm too "free"??haiz...

bluefiz said...

可惜那时我去One Borneo没机会尝到~T_T

Candlelyn said...


GeOk kEE好きな♡ うち said...


p/s:从猪公主那里过来的,原来你是SSMP的学生,我与你同系的哦!可是毕业很久啦,哈哈~你是Food Tech还是Food Science的?我是后者。

Candlelyn said...

GeOk kEE好きな♡うち:
我是food tech的,目前第三年,还有一年才可以毕业,T_T。
1Borneo其实不是很大啦,比mid-valley还小,kk suria在建着,听说比1borneo大两倍呢!觉得它建好的时候,我也毕业了,唉~

valyn @ 伦敦, 家乡槟城 said...

japanese food~ my favourite!

Candlelyn said... super favourite too!

subby said...

The laptop skin really breathe new life to the product! Awesome

Candlelyn said...

yup, my friend thought that there is my bought laptop,haha..

suituapui said...

Looks nice...yummy! But expensive. Thank goodness got discount! LOL!!!

Candlelyn said...

yes, it is, but it's great had this opportunity to try their japanese food^^..btw,thanks for link me=)

valyn @ 伦敦, 家乡槟城 said...

我也是很喜欢mamma mia呢

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