Tuesday, July 21, 2015


4 年前, 我遇见了他。
以前不敢期盼将来会有个人给我一生的承诺, 我没有信心。

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Our Marriage Application Day

This article was written on 15 July 2014 (The day after submitting Marriage Cert Application Form). It was a tiring yet wonderful experience, that's why I need to record it down..Lol

Yesterday was a stressful day to submit our marriage cert application form.Thanks for Jordan helping me to prepare everything on our marriage cert application. Feel very blessed to have a responsible fiance, haha.

Jordan did a lot hard works before submitting the form, he read all procedures and surveyed for non-religious ROM place because I am Buddhist while he is Christian. We prefer to have ROM at neutral marriage registration place. Besides that, we are also having another obstacle, that is, our IC address are from different state. According to "mafan" JPN procedure, we need to submit our form to two states of JPN and displayed our form with our passport photo for 21 days. Meaning that we need submit one form at Nibong Tebal and another same form at Taiping, hou ma fan arh.. If we insist want to register at JPN in Penang or Perak, one of us need to change address in IC... =_=

After long consideration, we decided to have ROM at Moral Uplifting (Tek Ka Huei - hokkien) in Penang! We just need the commissioner of oath's signature on our marriage cert application form and pay RM8 for the process fee.

Okay...initially, we thought we are well-prepared to submit form smoothly. Mana tau~ it took us almost one whole day... =_=

Yesterday was replacement holiday for Jordan, but I don't have, thus I need to apply one day leave for doing our marriage cert submission stuff. We went out for breakfast in the early morning. After that, we went to commissioner of oath, Chan Kam Chee lawyer firm where located at Lebuh Gereja (Penang)... We turned round and round but cannot find any parking lot...aiyo...despite of wasting time, we're forced to park illegally... you know la, illegally parking at Georgetown will kena clamped instantly... During waiting for Commissioner of oath checking our documents, we also keep checking whether got the authority come to clamp our car...gan jeong situation... haha..After commissioner of oath signed and stamped our form, we quickly hopped into car and went to JPN at Anson Road, Georgetown. Upon arrived JPN, we quickly walked to the counter and submited our form...when the officer checking our documents, he found that we missed out to bring along two witness's(parents) photocopied IC..faint...

We promptly went back home to take parents' photocopied IC. Luckily Jordan has his dad's photocopied IC. Unluckily my dad was not at home, so I borrowed my mom's original IC to photocopy. After ready our parents' photocopied IC (it also took us some time to search for photostat shop because I'm still not familiar with my area.. T_T) , we rush back JPN again. Distance from my house to JPN Anson Road is about 30 minutes leh..thus, wasted total 1 hour to submit 2 pieces of paper. Upon arrived there, the time was 12.50pm, their lunch hour is 1pm. Luckily, just a few couples doing application at that moment. After waiting about few minutes, finally it's our turn...I keep praying nothing problem will happen again... Finally, the officer stamped and signed, and paid RM20, Settled!! Phew~~

We were super duper hungry, so we went for lunch first before going to Moral Uplifting to choose the date of ROM. Upon arrived there, I was keep praying that 20 Sept 2014 is available for our ROM date because this date is special for us, it's Jordan's birthday. Luckily only a few places left on this date and the officer told us this date is quite popular or Ong (Prosperous in hokkien)..phew~ after booking the date and paying RM100 for charity donation, we finally relieved our

Beginning of marriage path was a bit stressful... I believe the coming marriage preparation stuff will be 100X tougher... Hopefully we can go through smoothly, Gambateh!!

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