Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Because of waiting for my minor lecture - Marketing, I rent a cubicle in library to online and hv lunch inside the cubicle...

Eat in the library? hehe...I know it's against the library rule..of course I ate bun only..if eat lunch box, the smell is too strong..ok, I'm not that stupid eat lunch box in library and also avoid eat biscuits inside cubicle because the neighbour cubicle might hear the chunchy sound of biscuits..

- my half bun -

Hah? Only eat bun for lunch?!
This month, POOREST month of the year...
Because of my "playfulness", I already paid for the 2 trips, there are Rafting & Kelly Bay + Crocodile Farm in this mid-semester break.

Rafting - RM 130
Kelly Bay - RM 144
High SPF and waterproof sunblock - RM 34
Whitening Masks - RM 17
Total - RM 325

Almost RM330 is gone... T_T..
Ya..i know the 2 trip are quite worth to go, coz the price is much more cheaper than outside travel packages..Hope it will be fun and valuable trips and experiences...

It's time to explore way to save money...
really no mood~"==


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