Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raya Break

Hi! I’m blogging again in KLIA, this time is going back to UMS, now waiting for 2.15pm flight to Kota Kinabalu (AGAIN, still have to wait for 2 hours), sob sob….i don’t want back to UMS.. .don’t want to face the annoying assignments, presentations, and FINAL EXAMs (saw already the exam schedule, is “TOO GOOOOOOD~~~”, haizz!!)……don’t want go back~ don’t want~ don’t want~~don’t want~~~!!

This Raya Break, didn’t go anywhere, just stay at home ‘goyang kaki’ and enjoyed the ‘home sweet home’ time with my family and of course my cute cute Xuan Xuan (my nephew). Wow, he’s growing up fast, and become heavier and cuter…

Besides, my stomach did A LOT OF ‘missions’, because of my ‘Gatal’ mouth.
The first day morning in Penang, I ate Penang Char Kuey Teow. Actually I should avoid it (becoz of oily stuff), but couldn't bear with the lovely smell of my favourite Char Kuey Teow when I walk passed the stall.

2nd day morning, with my family went to the Cheapest Dimsum Restaurant in Penang (点心之家)!!

This dish, named Ba Ding Steamed Fish with soy sauce (八丁酱油蒸鱼) RM22, I think quite worth and yummy ~yummy, it's been a quite while didn’t eat fresh fish already.
The following days, all almost related with food and everyday played with Xuan Xuan……and I just "touched" a bit my 3 assignments!! ! My god, I’m going to ‘die’ liao……start from tonight gonna burn midnight oil. However, this raya break was quite enjoyable!
P/s: SS, HY, LY, your freshly Tambun Biscuits are coming, gonna flying on the air!!! haha~


lysiew said...

haha, tambun biscuits flying ah...
remember to landed it in kk oh...
so many nice food, jealousnya
wanna eat also~~~yummy yummy
haha, u copy my words ah, the schedule is "too good"
school gonna reopen, i also lazy lah.

Candlelyn said...

actually tis word "too good" is wan to tell u d,i agreed with ur 'too good' in our exam schedule..haiz.

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