Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sesame Street

Last few weeks ago, I opened Google Homepage and found that Google Logo looked quite different from usual~

is Sesame street of Big Bird's Legs with Google Logo!! (so excited?==)

I heard that it was 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street, no wonder.......

When I was in kindergarten, I loved to watch Sesame Street, just because I loved doll things=P

especially Cookie Monster! (I also don't know why I liked ugly thing, haha~)

Bert and Ernie



Count von Count (I dislike the most 1)

Happy Gathering!
Other cute Google Logos can be found *HERE*

p.s: haiz.... serious flu again~hopefully can get rid faster~I want to eat a lots, a lots, a lotszzzz~~~~food~~


验光师 said...

and drink more water ,haha !

Candlelyn said...

yeah,thanks~i will.

剑魔.令狐冲 said...

oh dear. All my childhood memories....

fufu said...

yeah sesame street... nice!! i just got a simpson stamp from the states... heard they would have limited edition stamps for sesame street... cant wait to get one =p

Kelvin said...

I love Bigbird and Oscar the most^^ I miss this childhood show:)

Candlelyn said...

haha~most of 80s children's childhood memories,miss it...:-)

It's quite fun to have your own favourite cartoon stamp collection, I wish can get 1 too.=)

Yup,I had learned a lots basic English from this show when i was in kintergarden,haha...=D

〤Ecl!5oNz™〤 said...

take k yea...
i'm having flu now.. :(
ha chiu... >.<

Candlelyn said...

thanks..wish u get well soon too=)

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