Friday, October 09, 2009

Satay! Satay!

My dearest friend said that it's been quite a while didn't update my blog already.
Fuyoo~yameh? Please check my blog date, only 5 days didn't update mah~
Yalar, true also...This month quite inactive in blogging if comparing to last two months.
Because this month quite busy too, again~ARRRGGGG~~can't escape from annoying assignments, mini thesis, presentation, and final exam is just around the corner!!!
Ok, Stop Complaining!

Today, I went to Tamu Gadang again! Tamu Gadang is just like Pasar Malam during convocation.

As usual, a various of stalls are available there. Got food stall, flower stall, jewellery stall, and many more~(no photo here, busy to seek fooooddd~~ =P)
Actually, my aim is SATAY!!! especially Kambing(mutton) Satay...yaya, highly recommend it!

The satay pic is grabbed from somewhere, the real 1 already in my stomach..=P~ wooo~the kambing satays were juicy & QQ & tender... Delicious! And the most important thing is CHEAP! Only RM0.50 per stick. (kindly inform you all, there are only 2 satay stalls available in Tamu Gadang, and the satay that I ate is at the center row of stalls...)

UMS guys, must try it if have a chance!!!
May be I can ask for advertisement fee tomorrow, hehe~


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