Monday, October 19, 2009

Sushi! Sushi!

小时候一直都认为寿司是有钱人家或上流社会吃的食物。自从Sushi King诞生后,寿司渐渐变成普罗大众的食物(也不是很便宜啦,久久吃一次还负担得起。),尤其是一年两次的RM2 Sushi King Bonanza 优待出现后,更是我们贫苦又爱吃寿司的大学生的佳音,一个Semester吃一次,也蛮不错啊!
When I was a kid, I thought that sushi is only for rich people. Since the birth of Sushi King, sushi gradually become ordinary for public (a bit expensive for me bah, but still affordable if eat once or twice per semester), and especially RM2 Sushi King Bonanza promotion become a good news for poor student and super sushi fan like me, hehe~~

我一直不明白Sushi King 招牌的日文-すし(su shi king)(shi)的上面加了一点,听朋友的日文老师说那是日本书法艺术,我想是吧~
I was wondering that the Japanese word of Sushi King-すし (su shi king), why got extra a dot above of (shi)? My friend told me that her Japanese Sensei said that is one of Japanese style of Calligraphy.

Sushi~ Sushi~ Sushi~ Time~
我和PL俩一共吃了16, 也就是一人吃了8盘(破我之前一人7盘的纪录,吃过涨了!)
Therynn and I had eaten 16 plates of sushi, which is 1 person ate 8 plates, ohno~already break my 7 plates record!

Therynn说,Sushi King寿司的饭含有糯米。糯米吃太多了会导致肠胃不适,血糖提高,血管阻塞,所以本身拥有糖尿病、高血糖、高胆固醇的人最好少吃寿司为妙哦。
Therynn said that actually some sushi of Sushi King contains glutinous rice (nasi pulut). As we know that, glutinous rice contains high glucose and fat which will cause disorder of digestive function, increase blood sugar, and vessel occlusion. Hence, diabetes, high-blood glucose, high blood pressure, obesity patients better don’t eat too much o ~ =)

Another SURPRISE from Sushi King =>

Again, don’t eat too much sushi even though is well worth to eat……

最后,临时放我飞机的,我要罚你们吃“哇杀鼻”!!! (这句不用翻译,只是想警告某些人,哈哈~

p/s: Why my blog always related with foods?? =.=”


孤傲的王子 said...

i last week also go sushi king 2 times leh...all because of this bonanaza promotion....
i 1st time 8 plates, 2nd time decrease to 6 plates only....hehehe...nice nice nice!!!

Candlelyn said...

ya, if dun hv this kind of promotion, i also won't go sushi king 1, so every time i go, i will eat as much as possible..haha

calvin said...

Personally, I have never eaten sushi at Sushi King in Malaysia, so I am not very sure, but don't think they use glutinous rice for the sushi. Japanese rice is sticky, unlike our normal rice.

Candlelyn said...

I also not sure whether they mix japanese rice with glutinous rice or only sushi rice, coz sushi rice quite expensive. And still, sushi rice has higher calorie than normal rice..however, i still love sushi!!

calvin said...

Nah, actually the rice used for making sushi is exactly the rice the Japanese eat everyday here. I am quite used to eating this kind of rice that sometimes I feel awkward when I open my Mom's rice cooker haha xD

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